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Law Courses in English at KU

I Chinese Corporate Law

Along with the closer economic relation between Korea and China, it becomes essential for Korean legal practitioners and researchers to possess the knowledge about Chinese business entities law. The aim of the course is to make JD students familiar with Chinese business entities law. It mainly includes Chinese Company Law, Chinese Partnership Enterprise Law, Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Law, Sino-Foreign Cooperative Enterprise Law and Foreign Solely-owned Enterprise Law.



I European Union Law

This course will teach and discuss the European Union Law such as international aspects and parts of German Law. The course will offer students a broader understanding of their domestic Law. Moreover, this should enable students to work on international issues in the future and feel comfortable in discussions with foreign lawyers.



I International Trade Law

This course is to provide a general view of key international economic problems and an overview of constitutional and normative structures within which international economic relations operate in particular the Bretton Woods (and post) - international economic institutions. The course will offer students an awareness of the principles that underpin the international economic system and in depth understanding on some principal international economic issues of contemporary significance.



I Law on International Carriage of Goods by Sea

Since its international character, international carriage of goods by sea mainly deals with international conventions. This course will cover international carriage chapters under Korean commercial law and international conventions such as the Hague Visby Rules and the Convention on Limitation of Liability for Maritime Claims.

I International Investment Law

This course is to focus on foreign investment from the perspective of International Law and to facilitate a critical focus both on substantive and procedural aspects of international investment law in particular bilateral investment agreements and international arbitration in investment. Students will be orientated throughout this course with analytical, presentational and research skills specific to International Investment Law. This course will also provide a general background to the subject of International Investment Law, and to focus on particular issues in some depth with reference to Bilateral Investment Agreements including Investment chapters in trade agreements and ICSID arbitration.



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