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With the growing need of global legal experts who can construe and reflect American law and its system in Korean legal context, Korea University School of Law established American Law Center with the aim to research and educate American law and to foster global legal professionals.


For students, American Law Center develops and coordinates American law courses and other law courses in English not only for KU law students but other KU undergraduates. The Center also works to design and promote students exchange programs in cooperation with many prestigious U.S. law schools and encourages KU students to enter LL.M. courses in U.S. in the future.


For faculty members and other research scholars, the Center holds joint conferences with U.S. law schools for academic collaboration as well as joint research activities. The Center also invites U.S. law professors and exchanges KU scholars for mutually enriched relationships.


For U.S. licensed attorneys, the Center hopes to be a platform where the attorneys can broaden their networks and exchange their expertise by frequent meetings and seminars. In this regards, the Center is also operating two separate platforms for American law lecture and pro bono opportunities.

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