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ABA Members - KU Law Students

ABA Section of International Law hosts a conference titled "The New Engine of Growth in Asia Conference: Investment and Technology" at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea on Oct. 17th - 19th, 2018. During the Conference, registrants or ABA SIL members can have one-on-one mentoring opportunities for Korea University Law School students, its alumni, or even some of practicing attorneys in Korea graduated Korea University who want to broaden their views in international legal markets.


Based upon mentors' profiles, expert areas, and topics of interest, American Law Center will matchmake mentee students or Korean attorneys with similar interests. Mentoring program will take place at CJ Law Hall (each room number to be announced), Korea University on the Oct. 19th after 3 PM.


For those who want to take part in this mentoring program, please fill up the below application forms. For mentors, Conference attendees or ABA SIL members ONLY. For mentees, Korea University School of Law students and its alumni or Korea University alumni attorneys admitted in Korean Bar ONLY.

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