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March 22 Joint faculty workshop between UW (Seattle) and KU Law School

Our law school has maintained a close relationship with University of Washington (Seattle) and exchanged vigorously at the dimensions of student exchange, visiting faculty, and lectures. We will hold a joint faculty workshop as follows:

<Privacy and Public Interest>

3/22, Friday, 2pm -5 pm at CJ Law Hall

presented by Prof. Scott Schumacher, vice Dean of UW Law School

discussant: CHUN Soo Kyung, Counsel of Special Committee on Budget & Accounts, Liberty Korea Party (Ph.D Student at KULS)

presented by Prof. Dongsheng Zang (Executive Director, UW Asian Law Center),

discussant: Prof. LEE Daehee, vice Dean of KULS

“Comparative Constitutional Approaches to Privacy”

presented by Prof. Clark Lombardi

discussant: Prof. Kyung Sin ("KS") Park

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