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2018. 10. 17. 미국변호사협회 국제법분과 - 미국법센터 공동 컨퍼런스

미국법센터는 2018년 10월 17일부터 19일까지 고려대학교에서 열린 2018 미국변호사협회 국제법분과 서울 컨퍼런스“아시아의 신성장동력: 투자와 기술”에서 첫째날 리셉션과 두 개의 공동 세션을 주관하였습니다.

일시: 2018. 10. 17.(수)

장소: 고려대학교 CJ법학관 B1층

Reception (1:00 – 1:45 PM)

Opening Remarks:

- Robert Brown (Chair-elected, ABA - SIL)

- Soonkoo Myoung (Dean, KU School of Law)

Session 1 (2:00 – 3:15 PM)

"Contribution of American Law and Lawyers to Law,

Law Practice and Legal Education in Korea"

American law has been instrumental in nurturing the democracy and market practices of South Korea, a country generally thought to be a civil law country nurtured in the German-Japanese legal traditions, and the roles of American lawyer in such development have not been discussed explicitly. In this session, the elements of American law and how they facilitated the development of Korean law practice and education will be dissected and presented to the audience by the practitioners of cross-polination themselves, citing their best practices. Attendees will be able to learn the comparative-legal skills necessary for international lawyering practices and education in foreign jurisdictions.

Sponsor: Korea Univ. American Law Center

Panel Chair & Speaker:

- Kyungsin Park (Director, KU American Law Center), “Practicing Law in Korea”

Moderator: Claudia C. Hong (KIM & CHANG)

Speakers: (see speakers/ moderator bios)

- Johneth Chongseo Park (Sheppard Mullin), “How American Lawyers Helped Change Korea’s Law of Corporate Governance”

- Edward Dhong (IBM Korea CLO, IHCF Chair), “Change of In-house Practice by American Lawyers”

Session 2 (3:30 – 4:45 PM)

"Use of Artificial Intelligence in Legal Services in Korea/Asia"

Asia was the forum where a machine beat its creators in the game of go, awakening the world to the advent of suprahuman artificial intelligence and where futuristic narratives on AI have been put to the most philosophical and emotional uses such as care of seniors, education of children, etc. Use of AI in legal services has been also most innovative as this workshop will show. Attendees will be able to learn on unique ethical issues arising out of delivery of legal services through or using AI, especially at the crossroads of professional legal ethics and AI & ethics.

Sponsor: Korea Univ. American Law Center

Panel Chair & Speaker:

- Kyungsin Park (Director, KU American Law Center), "Ethical Issues Arising out of AI"

Moderator: Robert Brown (Chair-elected, ABA - SIL)

Speakers: (see speakers/ moderator bios)

- Jaeger Glucina (Luminance), "AI in Law: Asia"

- Carl Im (Yulchon LLC)

- Young S. Bang (Thomson Reuters), "Use of Artificial Intelligence in Legal-Tech"


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