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2022/12/13 Joint Conference: The Current Trends in American Jurisprudence 공동학술대회: 미국 법학의 최신 동향

The American Law Center co-hosted the aforesaid conference with the Korean Society of Law and other local academic organizations and covered the following five topics.:

- The information security laws and policy trends in the US

- Right to abortion and the Dobbs decision: a case analysis

- Diplomatic/financial sanctions of the US

- Regulatory trends on Central Bank Digital Currencies

- "Probable Cause" under the Fourth Amendment

*미국법센터가 제2,3,4주제의 기획 및 연사 섭외를 수행하였음. 자료집 전체는 아래에서 볼 수 있음.

*The American Law Center was responsible for organizing the topics and speakers for Sessions 2,3 and 4. The entire proceedings is available in the link below.

2022 동계 한미법학 세미나자료집
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