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October 8 Workshop: "Studying for American J.D.s as Foreign Students" 10월8일 유학생으로 미국J.D.공부

Swethaa Ballakrishnen, UC Irvine Law Professor

October 8 at 1 pm (lunch provided) at Room 206 Law Building

"유학생으로 미국J.D.공부하기"

스웨타 발라크리시난, UC얼바인 교수

10월8일 1시 법학관신관 206호 (사전예약시 샌드위치 제공)

강연초록 (영문)/Abstracts of the Talk:

Although international students routinely have been admitted to U.S. law schools for many years, there is little known about this demographic outside of specific contexts where being international is the norm (like the LLM and the SJD). This Chapter extends this literature to focus on a rising trend of students within more the “mainstream” law school program, the JD. Drawing from interview data with 58 international students, as well as supplemental data from law school faculty and administrators, we suggest, in line with other research, that language is crucial to framing these students’ experiences. However, we do not limit our analysis to direct language proficiency. Instead, we argue that beyond technical language markers like vocabulary and syntax, it is the culture of language that determines both the quality of students’ interactions and their institutional choices. International students, like all students, are constantly engaging in interactions that determine their perceived “fit” within sites in which they are embedded (e.g. classrooms, student groups, study groups, etc.) and across these contexts, expectations and presumptions of their abilities and identities shape the ways in which they are received and treated. In concentrating on language and its interaction with students’ lived experience, these data give us important insight into understanding the law school cultures and their systemic reproductions of hierarchy.

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