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2018. 11. 28. American Law Center - US Embassy in Korea - Open Net Korea Joint Seminar "Borderl

Borderless Internet vs. Digital Sovereignty

Date: November 28, 2018 1:00 - 5:00 pm

Venue: CJ Law Hall Rm. 512, Korea University School of Law

Audience: policymakers, lawmakers, academic, researchers and media to be invited

(Simultaneous translation provided/ open to public)

Korean digital policy space is in flux. Legislature is proposing server localization bills, and the administration is also proposing to loosen net neutrality, in order to, among other things, cure "reverse discrimination" against domestic platforms, allow "just compensation for network use" by the foreign OTTs, assert "tax sovereignty" over OTTs selling services in Korea, provide "stable network experience", moderate spread of illegal information through foreign OTTs, etc. Through this seminar, international experts discussed and evaluated these trends.

Opening Remarks:

  • Harry Harris, US Ambassador to Korea

  • Soonkoo Myoung, Dean, Korea Univ. School of Law


  • Kyungsin Park, Director, American Law Center/ Director, Open Net Korea

Session I: Server Localization

What is data localization and server localization? Which countries are instituting them? What are the policy implications? What are the alternatives?


  • Joshua Meltzer, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution See material


  • Whonil Park, former Professor, Kyung Hee University Law School See material 1/ material 2

  • Ray Cho, Corporate Affairs Director, Microsoft Korea, Inc.

  • Kelly Kim, General Counsel, Open Net Korea

Session II: Network Interconnection and Net Neutrality

How global Internet network connection works and how it relates to net neutrality. How ISPs connect with each other and contribute to the interconnection. How to evaluate Korea’s 2016 bill to mandate “sender pay” traffic-based settlement between peering ISPs?


  • Bill Woodcock, Executive Director, Packet Clearing House


  • Insung Kim, IT Columnist

  • Jungwon Han, Officer, Telecommunications Competition Policy Division, Korean Ministry of Science and ICT

  • Sungjin Choi, CEO, Korea Startup Forum

  • Mino Choi, Civil Society Safety Consultant



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