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12/1/2021 Joint Seminar with Harvard BKC on digital health 하버드버크맨센터와의 디지털의료 공동 세미나

This webinar will focus on the salient law/governance/equity issues relating to the use of digital technology for health, comparing the US, Korea, and other countries.

We will first discuss medical device interoperability and the policy and governance issues related to medical devices more broadly, with a focus on the U.S., structuring around three themes:

1) Distinguishing Medical IOT from traditional medical devices

2) The need for standardized and interoperable data, for instance as enablers for telemedicine and ML

3) Access to standards for communities of innovators, especially small companies and maker communities.

We will then discuss the use of big data in Korea and the related legal changes. Korea has recently amended the personal data statute to make a bigger room for big data analysis, and the bill is pending in the Assembly to amend the copyright statute for text and data mining. While these efforts would make it easier to analyze big data, Korea needs more room for data analysis appropriately. This presentation will review the current status of Korea’s regulation on data analysis, and will argue Korea still needs to relax the regulation.

Dave Arney, Faculty Associate, Harvard University Berkman Klein Center, “The role of standards and regulation for the medical internet of things”

Moderator: Prof. Kyung Sin Park, Korea University Law School

Co-moderator: Adam Nagy, Project Coordinator, Harvard University Berkman Klein Center


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